School Management System

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Java OOP school project at Polytechnic School of Sousse.

School Management System

Objective: Conception and implementation of a java console application school management system.

I - Need Assessment :

1) Student management:

The school manages a group of pupils where each pupil is characterized by: A name, a first name, the first name of his father, the first name of his grandfather next to his father, the last name and first name of his mother, his father's CIN number, his father's phone number, his date of birth, his address (street / avenue number, street / avenue designation, city, postal code and governorate), a profile picture and an academic level.

Each student pays their registration fees for activities/courses each month according to the school level and according to the activities he participates in. The amounts of registration fees for activities/courses are set by the director of the school.

2) Employee management:

The school manages a set of animators / employees where everyone is characterized by: a CIN number, a surname, a first name, a phone number, father's first name, date of birth, address (street / avenue number, street / avenue designation, city, code postal code and the governorate), a profile picture.

3) Class management:

The school manages a set of classes where each class is characterized by: a name, a list of students, a list of courses / activities to be followed and a set of animators who are responsible for this class and ensuring its activities.

4) Management of activities/courses:

The school manages a set of activities / courses where each is characterized by a code, a designation and a person in charge.

5) Generate statistics:

Generate statistics relating to the various activities / courses provided

II - System design:

1) Use case diagram:

school management system use case diagram

The use case diagram (DCU) is a UML diagram used for the representation of the functional behavior of a software system, where each use case represents a discrete unit of interaction between user (in our case the director of the school). and the system.

2) Class diagram:

school management system class diagram

The class diagram is a diagram used in software engineering to present the classes and interfaces of systems as well as their relationships. This diagram is part of the static part of UML..

A class is a set of functions and data (attributes) that are linked together by a semantic field. Classes are used in object oriented programming. They make it possible to model a program and thus to split a complex task into several small simple jobs.

A class describes the responsibilities, behavior, and type of a set of objects. The elements of this set are the instances of the class.

III - Operation procedure:

The application starts by displaying a list of general features

Once the user has chosen a feature (example feature number 1), the sub-menu corresponding to this feature is displayed

school management system main menu

school management system sub-menu animator management

Tools used:

Trello Git GitHub IntelliJ IDEA


The work in this project was completed as part of the curriculum for Polytechnic School of Sousse.

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